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Star Ceiling – Fiber Optics vs Painted Night Sky Murals

Star Ceiling – Fiber optics vs Painted

A well done star ceiling is a definite plus for any home theater or bedroom ceiling. They are relaxing, unique, stress relieving, fun and very romantic… but what is the best way to go? Should you install fiber optics or have the ceiling painted (either by yourself or by a professional)? Well, that depends…

(Mural by Night Sky Murals. Black lights help this painted mural shine brighter when there is light on in the room)

(This California home theater is a favorite of many people for whom we have painted. And, many have built soffits around their rooms, similar to the soffits in this picture, where they can hide black lights, which are used to easily charge our special blend of glow paint in mere minutes. Once the paint is charged, it will glow for hours in the dark.  When there is light in the room, the mural is invisible and the ceiling is just a normal, light, sky blue color. With the lights off… the ceiling seems to vanish, leaving only a beautiful night sky.)

(As a comparison, the fiber optic ceiling below has similar black lights surrounding the room, however they are for looks only… not for charging up any paint.)


OK, so back to the question… “Should you install fiber optics or have the ceiling painted (either by yourself or by a professional)?”

Of course my view is going to be a slightly biased… but I will try to be fair to all three options. Most Interior Designers still don’t know much about these ceilings, so you won’t get much help from them. There are some Interior Designers, however, have worked with us, so if you hire the right one….


First, lets talk about the “Pros” of fiber optics.

They are great to view in almost any light. This is a big “Pro” when compared to a painted ceiling. A painted mural acts just like a real night sky and disappears in the light. Fiber optics are visible in the light.

When a room is dark… the fiber optics shine brightly and are beautiful. When a room is lit… they are still bright and beautiful (as long as they are turned on). And, with extra equipment, you can even make fiber optics even twinkle.


But, there are some downsides to fiber optics too… The “Cons”

* They are pricey

* They require a lot of extra work to have them installed.

* Power needs to be run to the equipment.

* Equipment needs to be installed and have enough space to vent.

* Holes need to be drilled.

* Wires need to be run and poked through the drilled holes.

* The fibers then need to be clipped and then pulled back into each hole slightly.

* If there is no crawl space above the ceiling… then panels need to be prepared, covered, wired and installed.

* If you don’t want to do all of the work yourself.. then you would need to hire someone to do it for you and they may not have much of a clue what to do.

* You usually get only about 1/10th of the number of stars that a painted mural gives you.

* You get only about 1/10th of the different sizes of stars in a painted mural (the different sizes of stars is what makes a mural 3D)

* The holes drilled for the fibers are visible.

* One, maybe two, different sizes of stars.

* Scheduling of a few days, to as long as weeks, for it to be installed.

But, they ARE nice and the big advantage is that you can see the stars at any time you want, basically.


Now… what about the painted night sky murals… DIY and professionally installed?
This is where I can speak with more authority.

Let’s start with the DIY option. This option can be both good and bad. Bad if you have no talent as an artist and you just throw up some paint with a paint brush. (I have seen, and painted over, many a ceiling where the owner, or their friend, tried to paint the night sky with glow-in-the-dark paint) It seems like it would be really easy to do, but there are definitely some techniques that need to be learned first.

But, if you or a friend are an artist and you want to freehand it… then go for it. And remember… you can always add more stars later if needed. Don’t try to go too crazy at first. Paint, step back and look… and then paint some more.

There are also stencil kits that you can purchase on the Internet. Out of the 4 or 5 different stencils that I have tried out… there is one that is much better than the rest, and it isn’t even the most expensive. So, do your due diligence or email me and I will steer you in the right direction. If you have more than one or two rooms to paint… you will be sore after painting with the stencil. Just sayin.


Pros for the DIY option:

* Cheapest method to get a star mural on your ceiling.

* Usually slightly nicer than the plastic stars.

* You can paint over it if it looks ugly and then try again or call a professional.

* You can claim credit for having painted it.

* It’s can be at least as nice as a fiber optic ceiling.

* If you have to tear out part of your ceiling to fix something up in there… then you can repaint that area yourself.


The “Cons” to the DIY option:

* Sore neck and back

* It’s very easy to create a very ugly mural if you aren’t careful.

* It isn’t nearly as nice as one done by a professional (at least the better ones)

* More unnecessary work to perform where you aren’t already proficient.

* It is only slightly nicer than the plastic stars.

* It’s frustrating.

* You’ll probably glow in the dark for a few days from the paint that gets on you.
Now.. ”The Professional Option”.  Are they really that expensive? Here’s the quick and easy answer… Some are. Some aren’t. And, by the way, I am. (But, I am a lot less than having fiber optics installed)

A quick word about “Professionals” here. There are many people/companies that will teach others how to paint a star mural. One problem is that most of them have never even painted one themselves. Usually they are either companies who want to sell their glow paint (so they teach you a method which creates a need for their paint, and they usually are terrible techniques)… or they are just lazy people who see a good idea and try to capitalize on someone elses success by marketing a “Star-Painting Business Kit” themselves. And, as a result, the people they “train” have learned really bad techniques from these non-skilled, snake oil salesmen. So you want to be careful who you hire.

Here are two examples of “Professional” star muralist’s work.

This first picture is of a mural that was painted by a trainee of one of the popular companies that paints, and teaches others to paint, starry night murals. Please don’t ask who did this because I won’t name them. I show it only to make the point that you need to check around. This picture was taken with a black light on because they probably didn’t have a camera with a long shutter exposure. Thus, the background color. BTW… the picture at the beginning of this thread is of one of my murals with black lights on too.

(Un-named (on purpose) “Professional star mural artist’s” mural)



The mural pictured below is of a mural that I painted on a really nice ceiling with large beams in it.*
(Mural by Night Sky Murals)


Now, not all work done by other “professionals” is like the picture shown above. In fact, I have seen some work that was done by other artists that really surprised me at how nice they were. They were much better than I had expected them to be after learning who it was that trained them. But, those murals were also painted by people who were already artists before they decided to add star mural ceilings to their portfolio.

So please be careful when hiring an artist and try to see their work first… or at least have them drop by with, or send you a sample of their work that you can look at. I mean… do you really want to spend all that time decorating your theater room… only to have an amateur come in and destroy your ceiling? There are good artists out there… but you need to search to find them.

As for the cost… You can find people who will throw some paint up on your ceiling for anywhere from $1 to $4 per square foot. My prices start at $7 per sq. ft… and can go as high as $15 per sq. ft. depending on the detail and preparation before I can paint. My prices are higher than most, but I am fair… and the value that you get turns out to be the better deal.


OK… here are the “Pros” to having a professional paint the mural:

* The look is Incredible! (When done right by a true professional)

* Downright Romantic!

* Relaxing and Stress Relieving.

* Totally Unique – (Your friends will think that you have lost your mind when you tell them that you are going to have a night sky mural painted… until they actually see it. Then they’ll be hanging out in your room just to enjoy it)

* Painted night sky murals blow fiber optics away, in the dark. (Fiber optics excel in lighted areas) But for realism… there is absolutely no comparison to a painted mural.

* You can have a realistic looking Milky Way in your mural, that has a cloudy look to it and has thousands upon thousands of tiny stars.

* You can have other deep space objects, as well as the moon added in. (I suggest only having a crescent moon painted in (and maybe a shooting star)… because I try to replicate a night sky that you would see from a remote location on earth. Galaxies and Nebula aren’t really visible with the naked eye from earth) But, it is possible to have all those things with a painted mural.

* You can create the illusion of mountains surrounding the room when the mural is brought down the walls.

* Ceiling fans and heat registers can be painted too… so they don’t become black holes when the room is dark. In fact, when the lights are out, they just blend into the mural.

* If you feed some professional painters cookie dough (ahem!) they might even throw in a shooting star or two.

* Virtually invisible in the light.

* Thousands of stars in the mural… compared to hundreds with fiber optics and DIY options.

* 15 to 20 different sized stars in the murals. This is what creates an incredible 3D look.

* Paint (a good muralist should have this paint) that will glow for up to 12 hours (the smaller stars will *fade in about 3 to 4… and the larger stars will glow longer).

* The paint can be made to fluoresce under a black light for viewing during a movie. (Not as bright as street lights, like fiber optics are… but more natural looking like the stars at a drive-in movie.)

* The mural actually changes the longer the lights are off. The mural will look one way when the lights are first turned out… and totally different 3 hours later.

* Painted stars twinkle… naturally. Something about the paint, along with the rods and cones in your eyes, will have you swearing that the stars are really twinkling. (And they do)

* No smell.

* Can be painted on most finishes

* Usually done in a day.

* No need for a crawl space in your ceiling for the mural to be painted. Nor is there the need to add a false ceiling. Your regular ceiling is just fine.

* Invisible in the light… just like the real night sky. Your room looks like it always has in the light.


The ”Cons” to having a painted mural:

* The cost can get expensive, for some… but still much less than fiber optics.

* You need to make cookie dough for some artists. :-)

* You need a fairly dark room for the mural to amazing, as intended.

* You need a good fluorescent light source to charge the paint for 10 – 15 minutes (Still, plugging in a black light or two is easier than wiring for fiber optics).

* You could get a bad professional (Do your due-diligence)

* Invisible in the light. No wait… that’s a plus.


OK, I’ve tried to give a fair overview of some different options for a star ceiling. But, whatever option you choose… you really should have a star ceiling done. They are so incredibly relaxing and romantic. You’ve designed everything for the light… do this one thing for the dark. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have a day-sky (blue sky and clouds) painted on the ceiling… then get a night sky painted on top of that. When the lights are on, the day-sky will be visible. When the lights are off… the night sky will appear. It’s very cool!


I have gotten many questions about the murals from people who are building home theaters… and home theaters are probably my number one area to paint in.

Please ask any questions that you have and I will try to answer them for you.

If you are in the building stages.. and can still add in wiring to power lights… I can tell you where you should have them placed. If you can still add a soffit around the top… I can give you good ideas about how to build that too.

So, if you are considering stars on your ceiling, then please ask away… and I will try to help you bring the beauty of the night sky – - – indoors.

  1. Paul AndersonPaul Anderson01-01-2013

    Hello, I am remodleing a farmhouse for my home and have a greenhouse/patio room that needs a sky celing about 9 x 14′ I would love to have you comee paint one for me as I do not want it to be amateur. I have done tons of beautiful work on this property but do not want to paint the sky deiling. I am in gibsonia Pennsyulvania….Where and who are you. What type of cost would I be looking at and when could we get together.
    Paul 412-403-6544

    • JeffJeff02-08-2013

      Hi Paul… Sorry for the late reply but I have been traveling and painting… and am doing the best that I can. I would love to see pictures of your project and you can find more information about my murals at
      You will also find my contact information on there and contact me by either calling, or emailing me. If you see an “801″ number in the contacts area of my site… texting me to that number would be the quickest way for me to reply. I am only about 200 emails behind… so texting right now is the best. ;-) Jeff

    • JeffJeff08-09-2013

      Hi Paul… for some reason I have missed all of the questions that are connected to this article. If, by chance, I never emailed you… I will try to get on it right away. Even if this project has finished, I would like to at least give you information that may be of help to you down the road. Jeff

  2. EkomEkom02-02-2013

    Hello I really like the mural above by night sky murals and wanted to ask if you can help me. I am currently getting my basement done and we are making a theater room and my ceiling is basically too low to do anything like the ceiling above meaning that drop on all sides and I don’t really want to do star panels because I don’t like the lines and they don’t have anything like something above so I am deciding to paint it if you can help me to figure out what materials I need to make the ceiling like the one above I would really appreciate it thank you.


    • JeffJeff02-08-2013

      Hi Ekom… If you will go to and look up my contact information, and then contact me… I will be happy to answer any questions that you have. A DIY project can be both fun and a pain… but I will try to help you through it. Good luck, Jeff

  3. JessicaJessica08-07-2013

    How much does it cost to have a mural painted on the ceiling. Just a round about figure of what it would be if you went all out on it? I love it so much and doubt I could afford it right now but when I can I am definitely getting it done. Thanks :)

    • JeffJeff08-09-2013

      Hi Jessica… The price depends on the size of the mural you are wanting painted, as well as the detail (I have three levels of detail that I offer). Hopefully one of the three options would fit into your budget, but if not, then there are other options that we can do… instead of doing the entire ceiling. I have done many murals that are smaller than the actual ceiling… and everyone loves them. So, hopefully we can do something for you that will fit your budget. Then, many times, if you want the rest of your ceiling completed down the road, it might be possible to add the rest of the mural to your smaller one. But, for now, if you would like an estimate for your ceiling… please send me an email to: Night Sky Murals @ gmail . com (without spaces). I will be happy to price out your ceiling and if needed, offer other options. Thanks for the question! Jeff

  4. ChantelleChantelle02-22-2014

    I was wondering about the good DIY kits. To be honest, I would love to have the professionally done painted-on version but it’s really too far out of my price range. Currently I was looking at glowpatch but i am unsure ob whether they’re con people or really good. Do you have any advice?
    Many thanks,

    • JeffJeff04-02-2014

      Hi Chantelle…

      We are testing out our DIY stencil kits now, and should be ready to start shipping soon. If you want to shoot me and email at NightSkyMurals @ I will be happy to let you know where we are in the process. But, I think that we are almost finished with out test ceilings… and just waiting to make a few minor tweaks to the kits to make them perfect.

      I have seen the GlowPatch product in the past, and to be honest, I am impressed with what he is doing. It looks like a great product, and one that will give off good light. The only difference that you would need to decide is if you would like to see lots of little bumps on the ceiling, or possible a few. Even our painted ceiling will have an occasional bump show up, but I would think that his product would show more… but again, it looks like a great product.

      I am not sure, however, as to how he has you place the little glow beads in the correct location. That is the most important thing to making a night sky look real, and one reason it has taken us so long to get out stencils ready to market. I wanted them to be just right… and I think we’re there.

      Anyway, let me know if you’d like more information on the stencils. Or, good luck if you go with GlowPatch. Or, maybe you might want to combine the two… his little bumps with my stencils to get them in the correct locations. :-)

      I’ll watch for an email.


  5. paigepaige03-14-2014

    Wow, simply stunning. I live out in the country and love the open night sky. But some nights its either way to cold or way to humid to lay under the stars. Im a mother tto be and I think this will be a perfect start to the nursery room.

    • JeffJeff04-02-2014

      Hi Paige… Thanks for the note. You’re right, these are great in a nursery. I have been told many times, by parents, that their young ones will stare up into the mural as they are cooing and wiggling around… and drifting off to sleep. But don’t forget how awesome these murals are for parents too. In fact, when I fist started, I did mostly kids rooms… but these days, the parents are getting them for themselves in their bedrooms and theater rooms. “Little Johnny” has been pushed aside when it comes to getting a mural these days. :)

      I just found your email address… so I will shoot you an email with some information that I will need to be able to price out a mural for you.

      Talk with you soon.


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